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Here is a simple application that displays the current value of the ultraviolet index. This accurate measuring tool (portrait orientation, Android 5 or newer) works on the tablets, phones and smartphones that are connected to the Internet. At first, it gets the local coordinates (latitude and longitude) from your device's GPS and then retrieves the UV index from an Internet server. The value of this index is given according to the international standard and represents the strength of the sunburn-producing ultraviolet radiation at your location (its intensity at solar noon). However, the real UV index depends on many factors, such as: the angle of the Sun in the sky (current hour), stratospheric ozone, cloud conditions, air pollutants.

How it works

Once the application starts, the UV index is displayed within a few seconds. If your location changed since the last reading, an update can be made by pressing the GPS button (the left button); otherwise, the UV index corresponds to the previously stored location. The next button shows the recommended protection you must use, while the third one shows you the Pro version of this app (text to speech and hourly index for your location as additional, new features); the Information button shows you this description page.



Global features

-- instant display of the UV index for your current location 
-- free application - no ads, no limitations
-- only one permission is required (Location)
-- this app keeps the phone's screen ON
-- the color of the Sun's surface follows the UV index

  UV Index Pro





UV Index Pro is a nice application that displays the maximum and the current values of the ultraviolet index. New features: text to speech and the graphic display of the current index versus time.








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