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  Micro Solitaire

New implementation of the classical solitaire game

Micro Solitaire  is an implementation of the classical Klondike solitaire game, having new graphic, animation, card design and sounds. The goal is the same, you have to build up the four suit stacks in ascending order (one for each color), using all the cards in the deck. You win the game when all stacks are completed, and the score you get is based on the card movements and the playing time. This game release has many features, from hints and auto-play to statistics and score posting. Version 5.0 features:

  • a new, bigger card design, auto-play, undo, hint buttons, board resize and better animation;

  • faster 'no more moves' code, game replay option;

  • it also includes a new solitaire variant named 'Thoughtful', where all cards are dealt face up;

  • it is optimized for Windows 8, 10 and Tablet PC use.


Settings page hosts the Klondike / Thoughtful  and Draw one / Draw three options; when these are changed when playing, the current game is lost and a new one will automatically start on page exit. Among other usual options, here you can see and select the game deck (back of the cards) from eight new models.

Statistics page shows the best time and score values, plus the wins/games ratio, for both Klondike / Thoughtful and Draw1/Draw3 games you have played. These values can be cleared anytime, for each game style.

Registration page allows you to paste the key you received on purchase or browse your computer for the file where it is stored. The buy page can be open from here, and the game updates can be checked for with a single mouse click.



In order do enjoy the animation, we recommend a fast graphic card (1024x768 resolution at least, 24 bits color deep) and a minimum 2Ghz processor. You may also play this game on slower computers, if the animation, shadows and 'No more moves' options are disabled (Settings menu). It works with any Windows release, from XP to 10, both 32 or 64-bit version.


How to play


- The upper buttons of the main window are self explanatory, and their description is even displayed short time.

- To start a new game, press the Play button.

- The seven stacks from the bottom screen will be filled with cards, and you can move them toward the upper stacks, starting with the Aces.

- A click on the deck will draw one or three cards, according with the game settings; no re-deals limit.

- To move a card or a stack of cards, from one row stack to another, click and drag the card or stack over the other with an alternate color and in descending order.

- Only a King can be moved to an empty slot, regardless its color.

- A right button click on a card (face up) will automatically move it, if it is suitable, to their upper stack. This is followed by all playable cards on the table.

- Click on a face down card to turn it over.

- The game is over when the four Kings  are displayed on the upper stacks.


The game scoring is standard:

  •  10 points if a card is moved to a suit stack;

  •   5 points when you move a card from the deck to a row stack;

  •   5 points also when you turn over a card from a row stack;

  •  15 points when you move back a card to a row stack;

  •  20 points every time you go through the deck after the third time (Draw Three option enabled);

  •  100 points every time you go through the deck after the first time (Draw One option enabled);

  •  2 points every 10 seconds of play;

  •  You'll get bonus points at the end of the game, depending on your time and game style.





After a hundred games, if you consider that your best score, time and winning ratio are good enough, you can post them via e-mail to our Top Solitaire. The mail text is generated in Statistics page, and you have to copy it to the e-mail body, then send it with your e-mail client.

When the "auto-play" option is ON, the playable cards are automatically moved to the upper stacks, and the face down cards are turned over. But notice that these moves are not always the best ones, so we recommend to disable the auto-play option if you are not a beginner.

During a game, if there are not any useful moves, the message "No more moves" will appear, when is enabled; the game can be replayed, making other moves.

A small button appears when the mouse is over the bottom-right corner; it allows you to resize the game window, but not when the full screen mode is active.

The new deck's design is an adaptation of 'Free vector playing cards deck' from snap2objects, licensed under Creative Commons Attributions.



This game is shareware. You can play it for an indefinitely long period, but some options are not activated. If you like it, please purchase it and you'll have all the game options enabled. Once registered, the user is granted to use the game on one personal computer at a time.


Registration benefits:

- all the game's upgrades will be available for free!

- the game statistics is saved and restored each session;

- the user may post its rating to our website with a simple e-mail;

- an interrupted game is automatically resumed when program starts;

- any game can be replayed.


The trial version may be freely distributed, as long as the distribution package is not modified in any way. No person or company may distribute separate parts of the package without written permission of the owner. THIS SOFTWARE AND THE ACCOMPANYING FILES ARE SOLD 'AS IS' AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES AS TO PERFORMANCE OR MERCHANTABILITY OR ANY OTHER WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.