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  Sleep Tight

About this app

This is an easy-to-use app that allows you to have a night of better sleep, to focus deeper and relax faster. The music of Norwegian composer P. Helland provides you with a comfortable and serene space, so you can focus and study better, while a collection of well-known nature sounds and special noises is recommended for better sleep and for tinnitus sufferers.

Relaxing Music
The first list of our app includes gentle, minimalist instrumental music with tranquil piano at the center. This Relaxing music can be used as background music for work, study, meditation, sleep, reading, concentration, focus, wellness, or yoga. Just select your favorite tunes, then go to the Player page and listen them whenever you like.

Nature Sounds
The second list is a nice collection of several soothing sounds of nature, from the delightful song of birds to the calming ocean sounds. Just select your favorite tunes, then go to the Player page and listen them whenever you like.

Special Waves
Some special waves, artificially created noises, can be played separately or can be added as a background when you listen music or some natural sounds. White, brown, and pink noises (they contain all frequencies across the spectrum of audible sound) can be used as a way to sleep better and fall asleep faster. We have also added a few white noises especially used for the treatment of tinnitus (there are some usual tinnitus frequencies filtered out from these sounds - 1..6khz).

The Player page allows you to Play/Pause/Stop and skip to the Next song by using the respective big blue buttons. Please notice that the first two playlists are exclusive, only one can be played at a time, with or without a background sound selected from the third list. Also, there are two separate controls for Volume (0..100%); their levels, as well as the playlists, are automatically saved and restored when this app starts.





Global features

- Simple, easy-to-use interface
- Free application, no intrusive ads
- No permissions are required
- Keep the screen ON option
- Several playing time options