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  Proxima Centauri

About this app

This free 3D simulator completes our series of apps focused on the Universe (Planets, Galaxies, Stars, Moons of Jupiter, Moons of Saturn); now you can observe Proxima Centauri and the exoplanets that orbit this red dwarf, Proxima b and Proxima c, in high definition. Imagine you are traveling in a fast spaceship that has reached the star and its planets, directly observing their strange surfaces. Proxima b is estimated to be within the range of where water could exist as liquid on its surface, thus placing it within the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri. The original images we have used in this utility came from two important sources: Milky Way - ESO/S. Brunier, textures - solarsystemscope.com; however, all of the pictures were tuned a little bit in order to make them more clear. The detailed information about this star system come from wikipedia.org and other public sources, the background music from www.dl-sounds.com. This app is mainly designed for tablets (landscape orientation), but it works fine on the modern phones too (Android 5 or newer). Moreover, a Cardboard or a similar device may be used to experience the Virtual Reality mode.



How it works

Once the Proxima Centauri shows up in the centre and the Milky Way galaxy in the background, you may access the menu from the left and select the cosmic body at which the virtual camera will point at. Then you can zoom in or zoom out this mini solar system, as you like. If there are orientation sensors, a gyroscopic effect will be present all the time, rotating the image according to your moves. Moreover, a tap on the Goggles can offer you a VR experience (a Cardboard or similar device is needed). To exit the VR mode make a long tap anywhere on the screen. A double tap will toggle the Menu on and off. Rotation starts and stops the auto-rotate function of this app, Sound starts/stops the background music, while Info displays basic information about the Proxima system.



Key features


- special software optimization to lower the power consumption
- simple commands - this app is very easy to use and configure
- zoom in, zoom out, auto-rotate function
- high definition pictures, background music
- no ads, no limitations
- VR mode and gyroscopic effect