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  Poker Lines

About this app

Poker Lines - a new solitaire game! It is in fact a variation of the classic poker and patience that is played on four rows and five columns, with or without free cards. The goal is to arrange the cards on each column to obtain the maximum score on the horizontal poker lines. Every card from the current column can be exchanged with another card from the same column or with a free card (drag the card and release it over the destination). There are three game levels, from easy to hard, which differ by the number of free cards.



How it works

Once the application starts, the cards are automatically dealt face up on the first column from the left. You can exchange them to maximize the chance of having the best poker hands on the horizontal lines. If the last game was interrupted for some reason, it will always be resumed on start.



To deal four more cards, tap on the card back. When all five deals are completed and all cards are in their final positions, one more tap on the deck triggers the evaluation of each poker hand; the hands will be ranked and their score will be displayed on the right. When the total score on the horizontal lines exceeds certain value, the next level will be automatically unlocked. A tap anywhere on the screen displays or hides the group of five buttons from the bottom: Play, Tune, Wins, Help and Undo.

PLAY allows you to choose the level of a new game (Easy, Normal or Hard). If the level is changed, all the following games will inherit this option.

TUNE displays the Settings page, where a few game options can be changed according to your preferences. There is a small table with the game Statistics for each level.

WINS shows the payout table of the game.

HELP displays a series of deals that constitutes a full game, marking some legal moves.

UNDO is a self explanatory command; the last exchanged cards are placed in their previous spots.


Payout Table


Here is the payout table used in this game; the score needed to unlock the next level is 200, 100 and respectively 50 points.

  •     2  points - Jacks or Better (one pair of high cards)

  •     3  points - Two Pairs

  •     5  points - Three of a Kind

  •     7  points - Straight

  •    9   points - Flush

  •  12   points - Full House

  •  40   points - Poker (four of a kind)

  • 100  points - Straight Flush

  • 200  points - Royal Flush


Key features


-- Easy to play: just drag and release one card at a time

-- A long tap exchanges the current card with a free one
-- Free application, non intrusive ads, no limitations
-- No permission required

-- Undo, Statistics, three game levels

-- The game autosaves on each deal
-- Several background colors and images to choose from

-- Beautiful, easy to see cards

-- Landscape and portrait orientation