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This nice 3D viewer allows you to explore the Sun, a few moons and all the planets of our solar system in high resolution. Imagine you are travelling in a fast spaceship that can orbit the planets and you may look directly at their surface. The Great Red Spot on Jupiter, the beautiful rings of Saturn, the mysterious structures of the Pluto's surface, all of these can now be seen in great detail. All planetary textures are based on NASA elevation and imagery data and on other free resources (such as those of and, but some colors and shades were tuned in order to make the images clearer. This app is mainly designed for tablets, but it works fine on the modern phones too (Android 4 or newer, both landscape and portrait orientations).



How it works

Once the application is started (the Earth will show up in the centre of your screen and the Milky Way galaxy in the background), you may access the menu from the left and select any other planet from the solar system (including Pluto). Then you can zoom in, zoom out or rotate the planet, as you like. A double tap anywhere on the screen will toggle the Menu on and off. Rotation starts and stops the auto-rotate function of the app, while Info displays basic information about the currently selected planet. Save and the Moons are features of the Pro version; also, you can enjoy Planets only for two minutes per run.



We are focused on quality products that can help people in various ways. Now, we have developed an app for space and astronomy lovers. Maybe it can be improved, so send us your opinion.


Global features

- special software optimization to lower the power consumption

- simple commands - this app is very easy to use and configure

- high definition pictures

- no ads, no limitations (the Pro version of this app)

- the normal version is fully functional for planets, but it has a time limit - about two minutes









Planets Pro:






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