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  Lux Meter

About this app

As most mobile devices include an ambient light sensor, the ambient light level can be easily measured and displayed in analog and digital form. Our Lux Meter app shows the value of this illuminance accurately, in either 'lux' or 'foot-candle' units. Moreover, a six-seconds graph allows you to simply see its evolution over time.



How it works

There are three control buttons:

1. UNITS, the first button from the left, changes the unit of measurement (the option is saved).

2. CALIBRATION, the middle button, shows you the calibration cursor. Using a professional measurement tool, you can linearly calibrate the readings with a factor between 0.5 and 1.5 (this factor is saved).

3. The third button, RESET, clears the current AVG and MAX values and also the old data.




Global features

-- two additional values, AVERAGE and MAXIMUM
-- simple Calibration procedure
-- large fonts for the current value
-- auto-range function (100 and 1000 are the steps)
-- graphical display of the last data (6-second length)
-- no intrusive ads