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  Love Quotes

About this app

Here is a nice application that allows you to browse and share more than four hundred interesting love quotes. These quotes about love can help you when it's hard to find the right words to express how much you love your partner. There are heartfelt or funny love quotes from famous writers, thinkers, and even physicists: "You can't blame gravity for falling in love." - Albert Einstein. Share these inspirational quotes with your true love and watch the magic happen!



How it works

Once this application starts, a random quote and its author (if any) will be displayed immediately. The Left and Right arrows allow you to browse the previous and, respectively, the next quotes. The Play button plays or replays the currently displayed quote in English (therefore, the system/speech language must be English), while the Share button allows you to share the phrase with your friends. The menu button shows you even more options: Settings, Share app, Rate app, More apps, About, and Exit, which are self-explanatory. The Settings page includes a few important checkboxes, such as Background music, Text size, or Text to speech. Regarding the latter one, if your system language is not English, check the Manual option to invalidate the automatic text playing. All quotes were gathered from free sources found over the Internet and the relaxing music comes from ashamaluevmusic.com



Key features


-- many quotes about love and friendship
-- minimal, non-intrusive ads
-- no limitations, no permissions required
-- this app keeps the phone's screen ON
-- fast and simple interface
-- large, easy-to-read fonts
-- text to speech (English)