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Play backgammon online

Now you can play backgammon online with your friends from all over the world. You have the possibility to simply and directly play for fun with any opponent, using his IP address or the messenger ID. It has a nice 2D an 3D graphics, like our computer player named Backgammon Classic. Several checker models you can choose from, doubling cube, flipping sides, stereo sounds FX and voices, are only a few of our game options. You can invite your opponents to play rated or unrated games, having the doubling rules enabled or not. The match length up to 64 points can be selected in v2. Users of a local network or the ones directly connected to the Internet, may prefer an IP connection; in other cases a messenger can be used (at this moment Yahoo Messenger, but we are working to add Windows and Google Talk messaging).

3D Board

3D game board


2D Board

2D game board



Windows XP  Windows Vista  Windows 7  Windows 8










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  • it can be intensively tested before buying

  • ergonomic interface, mouse based playing

  • rating and experience for up to ten users

  • rating reset for each user

  • stable connection with your opponent

  • chatting during games

  • doubling rules can be applied

  • save matches on exit or connection break

  • automatically resume interrupted matches

  • true random dice generator

  • history and statistics pages

  • keyboard commands

  • detailed help with game rules and options

  • free and unlimited email support

  • free updates for life

  • perfect solution for your family entertainment




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