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  Color Pro

About this app

For a person with typical red-green blindness, this simple android application can enhance color vision by making the animated and still camera images have brighter or darker colors. It is about the Red and/or Green components of all red and/or green-dominated pixels, whose intensity can be increased or decreased by a certain percentage (between 10 and 50%). In this way you can better distinguish the red and green zones of any picture, accentuate the differences between different shades and even identify the numbers of Ishihara color plates. Moreover, the exact values of the RGB components of colors can be displayed with a simple touch in the area of interest. Please notice that this is not a medical device; to find out the type and level of your color vision deficiency we recommend getting a complete eye exam by an eye care professional.




CAMERA mode - In this mode, you can apply the Red and Green filters to the images coming from the phone's front or back camera. Depending on the phone model, the resolution of your built-in camera may differ; consequently, we recommend you to initially use the low or medium quality settings for video capture in order to have those filters applied in real-time (so the R and G colors will flash one time per second).
How does it work?
- Tap PLAY to start the camera
- Tap R/G to get the respective color flashing
- Tap R/G once more to make the color brighter all the time
- Tap R/G once more to make the color darker all the time
- Tap R/G once more to cancel the respective filter
- Tap the ARROW to save the current image
- Tap the image to set the R/G percentage, use the left and right arrows. The RGB values for the current coordinates are displayed in the upper part of your screen.




PICTURE mode - This mode works similarly, but the filters can now be applied to a loaded picture.

ISHIHARA mode - Tap GRID to load one of the twelve Ishihara images, then apply the filters - as it was previously described.

To function properly, this app requires the camera and storage permissions to be granted first.




Global features

-- intuitive, easy to use interface
-- either front or back camera can be used to capture images
-- there are several quality modes to choose from
-- the camera torch can be activated
-- 12 Ishihara pictures
-- small, no intrusive ads
-- only two permissions required (Camera and Storage)
-- this app keeps the phone's screen ON