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  Birds of the Danube Delta

About this app

Danube Delta is one of the biggest wetlands in the world and a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. The best-conserved delta in Europe, this beautiful place from Romania is a must-see destination for birdwatchers and nature lovers. This free educational application shows you more than 300 birds species found in this paradise - beautiful high-resolution pictures that can be easily browsed and analyzed. Also, you can learn about the order, family, genus, species of each bird or simply go to its Wikipedia page for more detailed information. All bird pictures comes from free resources found over the Internet, while the free nature music was downloaded from meditationmusic.world.




How it works

The intro page contains five small buttons: RunTune, Info, Apps and Rate.

Run starts the exploration of our gallery. There are five navigation buttons at the bottom: LeftHome, List, Wiki and Right - which are self-explanatory. Home sends you to the intro page, while Wiki shows you the Wikipedia page (English) of the currently selected bird.

Tune displays the settings page; there are a few options you can enable or disable, like text to speech, background music, image transition speed and intro buttons description. Also, you can set the volume of the background music and the transparency of the navigation buttons.

Info displays this description page.

Apps shows the full list of our applications from Google Play.

Rate allows you to directly rate this application.



Global features

-- more than 300 bird species
-- high-definition pictures
-- easy navigation, ordered list
-- no intrusive ads
-- no permissions required
-- fast access to more Internet resources
-- background music and text to speech options