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  Big Clock Pro

An analog big clock for your desktop

This utility displays a big analog clock on your desktop, and you can adjust its position and if it stays in front of the other windows. Six skins are available in this version: blue, green, black and three extra skins. It features two programmable alarms and hourly beeps. You can change the current clock skin with the mouse wheel. Now, the red hand can have a smooth motion if this option selected in the clock settings page. Auto run option is also present, and all these settings are saved and restored next time the program is launched.



What's new

Now you have an one-time alarm in addition to the recurrent alarm available in the old version. They both have new features, such us the playing of an external sound file (wav, mp3) or the launch of an executable file when the alarm occurs. Six skins were added in this version (Blue, Green, Black and three Extra, and a synthetic voice can tell you the full hours. You can select also the Windows status after alarm: Stand By, Hibernate and Shut Down.



The Settings page of the Big Clock.



  • two clock alarms

  • auto run option

  • six skins and three more available on registration

  • stay in front option

  • display AM / PM hours

  • smooth motion of the clock red hand

  • code optimization