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  Backgammon Classic 3D

About this app

Play backgammon against a smart AI on 3D boards, now being the perfect time to check your luck and improve your skill! Simple and intuitive menus, several 3D boards to choose from, stones of different colors, these are only a few of the many features our new game has to offer. The Ai player always makes the best moves, instantly, having an estimated rating of 1700. Considering all of the above, Backgammon Classic is a perfect opponent for beginners and intermediate players, but it can be used by the advanced players as well. We simply guarantee the absolute randomness of the dice and the use of the standard ELO rating system.



How it works

Once the application starts (landscape orientation), the backgammon board is displayed in the middle of the screen and three button will be permanently shown in the upper part. The first from the left, Settings, allows you to choose from several boards, dice and stones, and set/enable some important game parameters, such as the Doubling cube, Jacoby and Crawford rules, and the length of the match. The opposite button, Menu, allows you to control the game via a few basic commands: Start, Stop, Undo, and Move. The Arrow enables and disable the game score and the display of the PIP counts for both players.

How to change the position of the board:

- Pan left/write to rotate the board about the X axis
- Pan up/down to move the board vertically
- Zoom in/out to change the apparent size of the board

How to move the stones:

- Tap a stone to move it according to the number shown by the bigger die; if this move is not possible, the lower die will be tried automatically
- To use the lower die, tap it before the move (it will become bigger in size)
- Tap anywhere on the board to roll the dice




Global features


-- free app - no limitations

-- no special permissions required

-- this app keeps the phone's screen ON

-- several boards and stones to choose from

-- powerful and fast thinking AI