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  Backgammon Classic

Play backgammon against a computer partner

This version brings you new features, such as a nice wooden board with a 3D viewing option. It comes with some graphic improvements, new checker shapes and colors, many playing options and more intuitive mouse and keyboard commands. Three different game levels, from beginner to advanced, extend the fun and develop your playing skills! More information on www.backgammon.ro


Key features

Help page, statistics, recommended move, back move, Jacoby and Crawford rules, sound effects, easy mouse based interface, keyboard commands, pure random dice, doubling cube, are just a few of our game improvements. This version allows you to record an entire game and watch it later. Download and test it for free, with all options enabled, then send us your suggestions and thoughts by e-mail.



A screenshot with the 3D game board, which offers you a more realistic playing environment.



Screenshot with the new blue-green game board, 2D view.


Screenshot with the new blue-green game board, 3D view.

More features

  • Ten users with rating support

  • More checker were added

  • Improved checkers animation

  • New button for the game menu

  • Toggle for the windowed mode

  • Auto save for the last two games

  • Saved game position files backward compatible

  • Larger graphics and ergonomical menus

  • 2D/ 3D boards and flip sides options

  • Playing and doubling optimization

  • Keeping track of your ratings

  • Minimal computer resources required