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About this app

This educational application is a large, multimedia collection of the most interesting terrestrial animals. As the third app in our series dedicated to the diversity of life on Earth, Animalia allows you to continue the extraordinary journey by exploring one hundred species of mammal, birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians, animals that are living predominantly or entirely on land. Notice that a few important mammals, such as dolphins and whales (which are fully aquatic mammal) were already included in our previous application, Marine Life. Similarly, the dinosaurs and the prehistoric marine/ flying reptiles were included in our first life-related app, Dinosaur Museum.


How it works

The intro page contains four small buttons: Play, Settings, Information and Favorites. Play starts your exploration of the world of terrestrial animals. There are three navigation buttons at the bottom: Left, Right and List - which are self-explanatory. The upper-left one, Home, sends you to the intro page, while the upper-right one, Selection, shows the group of animals to be explored (notice that the amphibians are includes in the Reptiles group, for simplicity). If the animal sounds are enabled, a speaker button will appear in the middle in case there is a specific sound that can be played. Settings displays the settings page; there are a few options you can enable or disable: text to speech, background music, image transition speed and the animal sounds. Also, you can set the volume of the background music and animal sounds. Favorites shows you the full list of our applications listed on the Google Play store, while Information displays this description page.


Global features


-- 100 animals to see and hear

-- high-definition pictures

-- easy navigation, four groups of animals

-- no ads, no limitations

-- no permissions required

-- this app keeps the phone or tablet's screen ON

-- important data (habitat, size) for each animal

-- background music and text to speech options