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  Accelerometer Pro

About this app

This app shows you the components of the acceleration vector, as magnitude and direction, in all planes. The primary components of the acceleration vector (along the X,Y, and Z axes) are continuously read from your mobile device's sensor. The X, Y, and Z orientation axes relative to the device remain constant, as the planes they form. Fast algorithms combine these components and calculate the direction and magnitude of the acceleration vector in each of these planes: XY, XZ, and ZY. For example, if you hold your phone in a vertical position, the gravitational acceleration vector in the XY-plane must have a 270-degree inclination and a magnitude of 9.81m/s2.


Main features
- displays the angle and shows the graph of magnitude vs. time in any plane
- the sampling rate can be adjusted between 10 and 100 samples/second
- a sound alert can be triggered when a certain limit is reached
- three sensors can be selected and tested: Gravity, Acceleration and Linear acceleration
- the vertical resolution of the graph can be automatically adjusted
- the Maximum and the Average value of acceleration are continuously displayed
- 'Start/Stop' and 'Select the plane' buttons



Global features

- Simple, easy-to-use interface
- Free application, no intrusive ads
- No permissions are required
- Large digits, high-contrast theme