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About this app

This simple and nice app displays a graph of Acceleration vs. Time on three axes. The three components of the acceleration vector are continuously read from the currently selected sensor; they can be displayed together, on a single grid, or each component can have a separate graph. Our app (portrait orientation, Android 5..8 required) will only work on the smartphones that have at least one acceleration related sensor, hardware or software. You can use the Accelerometer app to study the Earth's gravitational field or to measure the mobile device's movements and vibrations.



How it works

Once the application starts, three grids will show the acceleration components on phone's X, Y and Z axes. If you put your phone on a table, the Z axis will be vertical, pointing upwards. In this case, when the gravity sensor is selected, the Z grid will show the Earth's standard gravity, about 9.8m/s². The second option (acceleration sensor) allows the combined display of the gravitational acceleration and of normal acceleration. Linear acceleration, the third case, filters the gravitational component and offers a clean display of the phone's physical movements. Our application has two upper buttons: the left-side one shows the About page, while the other one displays the Settings menu. The two other buttons allow you to Pause/Run the sampling process and, respectively, to Change the display style.



Global features


-- three acceleration sensors can be read (standard gravity, global or linear acceleration)

-- free app - no ads, no limitations

-- no special permissions required

-- this app keeps the phone's screen ON

-- sound alert when a certain level is reached

-- the sampling rate can be adjusted (10..100 samples/sec)

-- custom range of the grids (100mm/s²..100m/s²)