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    Smarter Battery

A battery monitoring utility for notebooks

Smarter Battery is a utility for notebook battery monitoring, intended to provide you with all the battery data, to help prolong its life and save its energy. It shows you the evolution of the smart battery's capacity during the charge / discharge cycles and computes a few important battery parameters, such as the wear level and discharge cycles count. This program continuously reads the battery data, making a prediction for the time remaining; it also features two alarms, for low / critical battery capacity, triggered by either values of time remaining or capacity percentage you set. This version's main features are:      

  • Battery Calibration procedure, so the remaining charge will be shown accurately;

  • Fast Battery Discharge function, running for up to 200 minutes, four levels of CPU load;

  • Green Mode function, in order to save the battery energy, anytime, with a single click or keystroke;

What's new in this version?

  • A faster and more precise computing code for discharge cycles;

  • Fast Battery Discharge has now several options;

  • Critical alert can display a message when triggered;

  • A Calibration Log was added and can be enabled and displayed;

  • Battery Wear Data can be easily Edited, Saved or Loaded;

  • A program Advice window shows important actions to be performed;

  • Full discharge cycles, since the latest calibration, are now counted;

  • Standby, Hibernate and Power Plan items were added to the Battery Menu;

  • The active power plan, CPU number and average CPU usage are now shown in the Calibration page;

  • An estimation for the time remaining until the battery is fully charged; it is computed from the Charging Rate value and is displayed in the Battery Information page, during the charging process;

  • The Low Level Alert event can now launch an executable file (exe, com, bat) from your disk;

  • Button clicks were added and a few minor bugs were fixed;

When launched, the program checks your notebook and enumerates the existing slots and the battery you may have installed on. They will be displayed in the left side fields of the Battery Information page. The first battery found in your system will become the current one, and all the data and program commands will use it as reference. To select another battery, if there is more than one, you can use the Next button. This utility continuously gathers data from the selected battery and shows the values in the remained fields, using a fixed sampling rate of five seconds.

Smarter Battery Information

The Graphic page offers you an easy to understand evolution of the current battery capacity, drawn with a thick orange line, for an interval of 60 (elapsed) minutes. It can be captured, automatically numbered (SBshot1, 2 and so on) and saved as jpg picture in program folder (placed in user's Documents), using the Save data button. If the Battery Mode is Discharging, a green line will be displayed, representing the predicted graphic of the battery power, based on the time remaining read from battery or estimated by the software. For a good battery, most of the time this green line should be parallel with the orange one, without big angle changes (drops of battery capacity). The battery capacity evolution is not linear, due to the processor usage, hard disk activity, screen brightness and so on. A red line is drawn, with a new estimation of time remaining, based on the highest discharge rate encountered in the current cycle - a kind of worst possible scenario. Check the picture below to see an example.

Smarter Battery Graphic

  The Settings Page contains two battery alerts and a few other program options. First one is Level Alert; if enabled, it will be triggered by the value of time remaining or the capacity percentage. This event will play a beep and a voice message (if the sound is enabled) and it will display the battery gadget; it can also change (lower) the display brightness, disable the Aero effects and mute the system volume. 

  Critical Alert - when it occurs, can save more battery power by turning off the monitor or by putting your system in standby or hibernate mode. These last options, if enabled, will interrupt all the Windows tasks if allowed; click Forced only if the open tasks are not important and data loss is impossible. The default value of this alert is 5 minutes or 5%. Notice that all these alerts are triggered by the current battery values.

Smarter Battery Settings

Calibration page: it allows you to perform the battery calibration (C) and the battery fast discharge (D); there are also important fields that contain statistical information for the first battery, such as the Absolute / Relative  Wear Level, Capacity Drop, Full Discharge Cycles, Discharge Cycles since Calibration  and Usage Time; they give you a complete image about your battery life. In order to keep these data accurate, this utility must be kept running all time on your notebook.

  New fields show the Discharge Time Left of the current Fast Discharge, the number of days since the Latest Calibration and the total number of calibrations you have performed. The active Power Plan is also displayed in a new field, along with the number of CPU cores and their average usage. You can launch the Control Panel's power settings from here, in order to simply edit or add a plan that will allow you to drain maximum energy from your battery when calibrating. The CPU usage field can help you monitor the discharge process by processor load component, directly from this page.

Smarter Battery Calibration

  We added three more buttons: Battery Wear Data, shows a new window where you can Load / Save / Reset the wear data, Smarter Battery Advice, where this utility analyses the current battery data and recommends an action to be performed, and Fast Discharge Options.

Battery Wear Data    Smarter Battery Advice

Fast Discharge Options

The Webpages button shows you the Internet connections to the Home, Download and Purchase pages. There is also a button facilitating the e-mail communication with us; it automatically launches your default e-mail software if any installed. You may press Check for New Version in order to find out if you have the latest release of the program.

Smarter Battery Webpages

This program is a demo version. You can test it ten times, each for 15 minutes; to continue monitoring your battery after this period, you have to buy it. After the online payment, send us an e-mail containing your notebook's battery code(s). The program license allows you to use Smarter Battery on a single computer, for an unlimited period of time. We will send you a second registration, for free, in case you change the notebook battery within five years.



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Installation Q & A

Smart Battery Tips

Smart Battery Glossary

Calibration Video

Discharging and Charging states

The Battery Gadget shows the current

battery state and the capacity percentage

Smarter Battery Menu   

The Battery Menu, having all  the Power Plans

 you can select, and Hibernate, Standby options.

Double size battery, charging

Battery Gadget - large size





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